About Allco Investments

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We are lifelong Oregonians who started a company to preserve properties both residential and commercial. We have a passion not only for historic preservation but also in utilizing cutting edge Green technologies.

We take great pride in offering clients at all stages of life an honest approach to home buying.

Fully Restored 1880 Trenkman Home - Our First Office

For over 40 years, Allco Investments of Portland Oregon has specialized in the careful renovation and preservation of Portland homes, including some landmark properties. Our first project, in 1974, was the Glisan Arms a marvelous 18 apartment building constructed at the time of the Lewis and Clark Exposition in 1906 from timber harvested in the immediate neighborhood. It had fallen into disrepair, and turned into a 150 unit flophouse. We brought it back to life and its original beauty as the first multi-family historic renovation in the Pacific Northwest.

During this project, we undertook the restoration of the 1880 Historic Trenkman building, just around the corner, and made it our first office.

Since then, we have specialized in property renovation and restoration. As licensed contractors in the Portland metro area, we fully renovate homes in close-in, quality neighborhoods and turn them into wonderful, energy-efficient, affordable move-in-ready homes.

We take great pride in offering clients at all stages of life an honest approach to home buying.

Our homes sell from the mid $200,000’s to about $1,500,000 and while our homes will always align with the neighborhood standard there will be no mistaking which is the model house on the block. Our goal at Allco Investments is to not only move people into beautifully renovated homes, but also into neighborhoods that have the best amenities and foster a strong sense of community. Our properties are often located close to mass transit systems, schools, community centers and other community attractions.

Although each project we do is different we typically install all new HVAC, electrical, plumbing, kitchens with high end appliances, bathrooms, flooring and paint. We also often add energy efficient systems resulting in significantly lowered utility costs.

While our crew currently specializes in single family homes, in our 40 years we have worked on every property type- multifamily, office and industrial. We began with a passion for renovating historical properties and the beautiful Victorians in NW Portland in the mid 1970’s and continue to work with the same attention to detail today.

Award Winning Environmental Awareness

At Allco Investments, we’re dedicated to preserving our environment and using forward-thinking green construction practices and materials. This means doing everything in our power to reduce our impact on the environment.

In 1996 we were recognized by the City of Portland and were awarded the Federal Water Pollution Prevention Award for our work on a 72 unit apartment property in close in SE Portland. We voluntarily built a series of swales to recycle all of the roof and surface water into the ground thereby diverting 5,000,000 gallons of water from going into the city sewer system. We continue our focus on the environment to this day.