Green Construction and Retrofits on Upswing

Energy conservation is identified as the key motive for green construction and retrofits, surpassing all other reasons cited in newly released global survey results. The multi-question poll of 1,026 real estate owners, developers, contractors and design specialists in 69 countries also indicates steady growth in the green building sector with widespread adoption of rating systems and performance measurements.

Investing In Sustainable Property for Above Market Long Term Profits

The property market is definitely changing. Where architects and investors used to prioritise functionality, cost, efficiency, build time and style, now they increasingly prioritise sustainability.
It’s part of a new way of looking at the built environment that gives weight to environmentalist concerns, taking a longer-term perspective on the way we live. For people interested in new green investment opportunities, it’s an exciting area to explore.

Sustainable property is a fast developing area and it’s in increasing demand


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